The longest running mobile happy hour in the South

The South's longest running Mobile Happy Hour just turned 15 years old. Did we mention it was LGBTQ and Allies?

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HRC Weekend - Recovery Brunches

Continue the fun after the Gala on Sunday for TWO great options for Brunch.

Napa on Providence

The Bar at 316 -Your HRC CITY HOSTS & COMMITTEE invite you to join us for the HRC ENGAGE BRUCH at The Bar at 316

Come enjoy a FREE, yes I did say FREE BRUNCH provided by the ownerJeffrey Edwards and The Bar at 316 to continue your HRC Celebration and Sunday Funday.

There will be a LIVE TOP DJ and there will also be special HRC Drink specials:

This will be the official place to be for your Sunday Funday Brunch from 12-3pm.

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